About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Meet MotoFomo. Launched smack bang in the middle of a global health crisis, this is not your average motoring outlet. Sure, they all say that. But MotoFomo really is different.

For a start, we don’t just write about cars. MotoFomo creates quality, original content for motoring enthusiasts and car buyers. We celebrate the vehicles (new and old), gadgets, inventors, techniques, backyard mechanics and more that make up our collective love of motoring and the lifestyles that go with it.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone is empowered with the right products, real-world reviews and advice written by people who are passionate about their subject and only write the things they’d want to read. We don’t limit ourselves to one platform or medium. We know that building the best experiences for motoring enthusiasts means making the most of everything digital, print (coming soon), and social platforms can offer. So connect with us wherever and whenever suits you.

Our Values

At the heart of everything we do is you. And that means our team needs to be just like you… they need to buy and use the things you’re looking to buy and use and write about them in a jargon-busing, real-world, no-nonsense way. There are some who claim to be all about making content great again and yet they don’t…they do the same thing everyone else does. Here at MotoFomo we’re not sheep.

What we look for from our team is honesty, passion, curiosity and a drive to craft the most useful content they can.


We believe that honesty is the best policy in life and work. That means, our people operate without fear or favour and if we are working with a partner, because we’ve got to pay the bills somehow, then we’ll make sure we tell you about it.


This is all about loving what you do and taking pride in what we do at Motofomo. We only work with those who love the subject they write about, are proactive and consistently seeking higher standards.


Ask questions and find answers. That’s what we do here at Motofomo, and it’s why we only work with the best writers in the business.

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