5 Wheelie Good Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and while you still may not want to think about any of it just yet, the silly season is here – and things are getting, well, wheelie silly!

So before the Christmas hangover set in, we’re wheeling out our Christmas gift ideas for that person in your life who likes anything with wheels.

Take these top 5 gifts ideas for a spin

1. eScooter

eScooters are on the most popular gift list for 2022 – and there’s a reason why, they’re fun! Not only are they extremely convenient for people always on the go or who commute, they have health benefits too and can improve balance and core strength (and help to shed those Christmas kilos).

Electric scooters have time-saving, cost-saving and environmental benefits, and are a great way to travel outdoors.

Check these out:

  • Popular: Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max G30LP
  • High-end: Apollo City and Apollo City Pro
  • Budget friendly: Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost

2. Self-balancing scooter

Get moving with a self-balancing scooter. Also known as a hoverboard, a self-balancing scooter has two motorised wheels connected to a pair of articulated pads that you stand on – and that’s when the real fun starts because it’s then a matter of balance and control. You control the direction of the scooter by shifting your body weight forward (to go forward) and backward (to slow down or stop).

They are lightweight and easy to handle, eco-friendly and convenient … and will give your core a workout too!

Top brands include:

  • High end: Epikgo Sport Self Balancing Scooter
  • Well-known: Segway Sky Walker
  • Budget friendly: StreetSaw DailySaw Hoverboard

3. Remote control car

beginners guide to buying your first RC car

Monster trucks, 4x4s, race cars, crawlers, even Audis and Mustangs … save on fuel money and go on an adventure with a remote control car. Not just for kids, remote control cars have become a popular hobby for adult car enthusiasts too. They’ve also changed (since we were kids) and nowadays they are bigger, better and more realistic to drive.

If you’re looking for a remote control car as a present this Christmas, check out our guide to buying your first RC Car.

Take a look at:

  • Monster: Car Deerc DE45
  • Crawler: Redcat Racing Danchee Ridgerock Rock Crawler
  • Cool: HPI Micro RS4 1969 Mustang RTR

4. Pocket bike

What’s super small, has two wheels and is a recreational vehicle for adults? A pocket bike!

Pocket bikes are small-scaled replicas of full-size sport bikes, in fact, they are about one-quarter the size of regular motorcycles. While intended for kids, adults have taken to the pocket bike craze because they are compact, fast and powered by 40-50cc single engines (some can have bigger engines) and they’re lightweight – so you can imagine the type of fun you’ll be having on these two wheels.

Here are some ideas:

  • Racing: MotoTec 1000w Super Pocket Bike
  • Street: Mega Moto 212cc Mini Bike
  • Old-school: Indian EFTR JR

5. eBike

Are eBikes really worth it? They are when you don’t have the pedal power needed to get up a hill! However, they are easier to ride, faster, considered safer than a regular bicycle due to their design and the electric-assist battery-powered motor gives you more control.

An eBike makes the ideal Christmas gift with wheels for someone who wants an alternative to a car, but still wants to get outside and enjoy nature.

Check these big wheel brands:

  • Commuter: Ride1Up
  • Fast: Juiced Bikes
  • Innovative: Dyson

Get your hands on these wheels

If these ideas haven’t got you moving yet, why not check out these Christmas gift ideas too:

Racing car experience: Even if you can’t own it, you can still drive it. A racing car experience, or even hiring a classic car, might be the best gift you can give someone this Christmas who wants a set of wheels.

Gaming steering wheel: Get your motor running with home racing. These days steering wheels for gaming consoles are next level and provide more control and stability over your average controller.

Lego: Who says Lego is just for kids? It’s an adult hobby too, just step inside the Lego shop and you’ll see how much Lego has changed over the years. There are car kits for Ferrari, Combies, Lamborghini and muscle cars – and some of them are remote control too.

Car accessories: While not technically a gift with wheels, we can argue these accessories are for wheels. If you’re really stuck for a Christmas gift idea, you seriously can’t go past car accessories if your better half is into all things wheels. We’re thinking of car washing products like wheel cleaner, tyre shine and polish. And if they don’t like washing and nurturing their vehicle themselves, get them a car wash voucher.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, take a ride with our wheel-inspired gift ideas this Christmas instead.

What would you add to this list? And who are you buying these for this Christmas? Leave a comment below.