Friday, February 26, 2021

Top 10 Best Hot Hatches 2021

Hot hatches are intended to show you really can get good things in small packages. Here are the Top 10 best hot...

Meet the Toyota 222D: Toyota’s forgotten rally supercar

The Toyota 222D is Toyota’s forgotten rally supercar, built to dominate Group S and make Group B rally cars look like pussycats.

We get hands-on with the ARB Pressure Control Module

The ARB Pressure Control Module allows you to control your air compressor via your smartphone for both inflation and deflation, ahead of...

Is the Chaparral 2J the weirdest, coolest race car you’ve ever seen?

The brain-child of a Texas millionaire, the 1970 Chaparral 2J sucked itself onto the road but it was way too ahead of...

Check out this stunning 1972 BMW 2002Tii

Helping cement BMW’s claim that it built the ‘ulitmate driving machine’ the BMW 2002 has become a legend, and this 2002Tii is...

How to improve your Subaru on- and off-road (w/ Video)

Subarus are becoming popular weapons for off-road adventures. We take a look at Ironman 4x4's Aussie-developed All Terrain Suspension kit for Subarus.

Harrop’s Supercharged Y62 Patrol gets dirty

Take a stock Y62 Nissan Patrol and supercharge it. Meet Harrop's 400kW/735Nm Supercharged Y62 Patrol.The Y62 Nissan Patrol...

Check out this lifted Overlanding Subaru Forester from France

Watching Expedition Overland videos prompted Jordan to build up a Subaru Forester and tackle tough tracks in France and beyond.

How to build a Supercars V8 engine

Here’s a simple explainer video on how to build a V8 Supercars engine, how it’s changed over the years and more.

Make your own Mad Max V8 Interceptor

Yep, download and fold your own Mad Max V8 Interceptor paper model and stick it on your Christmas tree…because a V8 makes...

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