Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Will the 1800hp Hennessey Venom F5 become the fastest car in the world?

Here it is Internet, Hennessey’s first-ever hypercar, the Venom F5 which is an 1800hp monster. Hold on.What you’re...

Peugeot to take on Le Mans with Peugeot Hybrid4 500kW hypercar

New rules for World Endurance racing have tempted Peugeot out of hibernation and back onto the track with its Peugeot Hybrid4 500kW...

Morgan works with Piston Distillery to make ash-flavoured gin…

Sometimes a carmaker jumps the shark, and Morgan’s decision to make ash-infused gin might be that moment for the 111-year-old carmaker.

First new Bentley Blower built since 1930

It’s taken 40,000 hours of work, but the first new Bentley Blower since 1930 has rolled out of the factory.

Sebastian Loeb to drive BRX Hunter at Dakar 2021

Dakar 2021 is less than a month away and Prodrive has officially revealed its BRX Hunter which runs a Ford engine and...

10,000th WRX STI buyer goes for a joyride with Molly Taylor

Aussie rally ace, Molly Taylor, has given Australia’s 10,000th WRX STI buyer, Bradley McManus a hot lap in her WRX...on dirt.

Watch this: Subaru WRX STI jumps back into Gymkhana 11

Christmas has come early with Gymkhana 11 dropping onto YouTube. It sees Travis Pastrana take over from Ken Block and get behind...

Check out the ARB Slide Kitchen

Got a dual-cab ute or looking for a kitchen solution for a camper trailer? You can literally take the kitchen sink with...

Buy this weird and wonderful shed-built twin-engine Citroen 2CV 4×4

Take one Citroen 2CV, lift it and stuff two motors into it, point it at the Atlas Mountains and go rallying...and it...

Zero Labs modular EV platform for classic cars is a game changer

All you have to do is bring your own body and you can transform your classic gas guzzler into an electric shock.

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