Australia’s Coolest Custom Postie Bikes

Champion Abbotsford custom postie bikes

The Honda CT110 is an Australian icon thanks to Australia Post … we’ve picked a couple of the coolest custom postie bikes in Australia. Enjoy.

The first and last motorcycle I ever rode was a postie bike…and I loved it even though I opened the throttle right up straight away and nearly came off the thing. I was 10. And I wasn’t wearing a helmet. But we didn’t back then.

But even then I felt that me, mixed with motorbikes was a recipe for disaster. My parents agreed…and even though I pestered them for a postie bike of my own I never got one. But I’ve never lost that lust for bikes, especially custom bikes as opposed to racers, and the postie bike holds a special place in my heart.

So, the other day when Honda announced the tougher, rough-road oriented CT125 was going on-sale in Australia it got me thinking about motorbikes again. But more specifically in customising them. And while there are a bunch of top-class custom bike builders in Australia that will build you the ultimate scrambler only a couple advertise as exclusive builders of custom postie bikes.

So, what makes the postie bike a great project? Simple, it’s cheap to buy a second-hand one, the parts are cheap and if you buy an ex-postie bike then you’ll be getting one that’s been tweaked with tougher bits and pieces to handle the rigours of suburban mail delivery.

Any custom postie bike article has to lead with the daddy of the business and that is Champion Abbotsford run by Jim Clark. The workshop is out the back of the beer garden at the Yarra Hotel in Melbourne and the bikes that Jim turns out are perfect for gentlemen riders or learners…me, I want one of every single bike he makes.

The Parcel Bomb by Champion Abbotsford was built, it says, for trails and tar. And the Pinko Bastard is Champion’s ‘take’ on the CT110. The Junk Mail is just that, built from bits it had lying around the workshop; the frame has been stretched 200mm. Love it.

Another awesome CT110 tweaker is Dusted Customs at Moto in Noosa. These guys build in the scrambler style but all its bikes are custom-made to suit the owners wants and needs, but they offer things like wooden front and rear racks and even surfboard carriers.

Then there are the one-off builds like this nuts looking chopper built by Rising Sun Workshop and Young Henrys. The idea behind this build was that it not only had to be eye catching but it also had to serve as a working beer dispenser. You can read the full story behind this one HERE.

Lanesplitter Garage sells custom bikes and spare parts for all kinds of bikes. One of its projects was this custom postie bike called Fika which is Swedish for coffee break. It’s built in the Street Tracker style.

There are a bunch of other one-off postie bike builds in the vein of the collaboration between Rising Sun Workshop and Young Henrys and OS there are a few custom builders too. There are Facebook Groups dedicated to the CT110 and there are plenty of custom-build ideas to be had.

If you’ve got a custom CT110 why not share a picture with us and tell us all about your bike. See you in the comments.

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