Harrop’s Supercharged Y62 Patrol gets dirty

Harrop-tuned Y62 Nissan Patrol

Take a stock Y62 Nissan Patrol and supercharge it. Meet Harrop’s 400kW/735Nm Supercharged Y62 Patrol.

The Y62 Nissan Patrol caught a lot of people by surprise when it was launched back in 2010 because Nissan saw fit to make it petrol only. And that meant a lot of four-wheel drivers ignored it.

But times have changed. Slowly. And more and more people have realised the reliability and simplicity of petrol engines as well as the tunability of them. While there are still those who cling to the GU as the last great Patrol, we all know the Y62 is better off-road and better for towing…and it’s more comfortable, and…the list goes on.

While one of the Y62’s great strengths has been its stonking V8 engine: 298kW and 560Nm of torque, the supercharging gurus at Harrop Engineering felt it could do with a tickle. Harrop has a history going back more than 65 years and it’s been wrenching performance cars ever since Ron Harrop bought Norm Beechey’s FJ Holden for $29 and turned it into “Harrop’s Howler”.

Taking a stock Y62 Patrol, Harrop has fitted a TVS2650 Roots positive-displacement supercharger to the V8, boosting power and torque to around 400kW and 735Nm.

We caught up with Harrop Engineering’s Heath Moore to learn a little more about Harrop’s Supercharged Y62 Patrol. Check out the first video in our new Meet the Maker series.

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