How to build a Supercars V8 engine

How to build a supercars V8 engine

Here’s a simple explainer video on how to build a V8 Supercars engine, how it’s changed over the years and more.

It’s fair to say that the way V8 Supercars engines are built has changed over the years. This video sees one of the country’s most successful V8 Supercars engine builders, KRE Racing, sit down and explain just how involved building these 5L monsters is.

Sure, the rules are tight and teams more or less run the same engine design but the work that goes into building, testing and maintaining these things isn’t as simple as that might sound. When it comes to enduro racing these engines need to be robust and reliable, and so as KRE Racing explains there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes testing on stuff like oils and fuel, looking at wear and tear in the engine.

Indeed, where an engine used to have to be stripped down and rebuilt after every race, most are fine to go from race to race with little tinkering. Most engines, as long as they’re not damaged, will last 10-20 years, KRE Racing reckons.

But that’s just a little bit about what goes into making a Supercars V8 engine, watch the video below, you won’t be disappointed, it’s super interesting.

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