May the Fourth be with you… 5 Star Wars themed cars

Poe Dameron X-Wing Rogue

There’s no fan like a Star Wars fan and that extends to car makers who’ve happily sponsored the franchise over the years. Here are 5 Star Wars themed cars.

The Star Wars story line might have been extinguished (or wrapped up) in The Last Jedi but with cartoons and new shows, like the Mandalorian, it’s unlikely the Star Wars flame will ever die out. Over the years, there have been plenty of car makers get into bed with the Star Wars franchise. Indeed, it all kicked off in 1977 when Toyota teamed up with Star Wars to giveaway a Celica GT… only it was never given away and the car vanished.

Since then, brands like Nissan, Dodge, and even Hot Wheels have teamed up with Star Wars to promote the films and their vehicles (toys). Nissan probably went the hardest back in 2017 releasing a bunch of themed vehicles, we’ve picked just two of them for this list. And then there are the fan builds … too many to list but one of the stand outs is the Boba Fett themed Hyundai Veloster. Some have wrapped Lamborghinis and others have airbrushed old vans.

Anyway, May the Fourth be with you.

Darth Vader Hot Wheels car

If Darth Vader were to pick a machine to get around the mean streets of the Death Star (before it blew up – twice) it would be this thing. Dreamed up by the toy makers at Hot Wheels and revealed at Comic Con in 2014, this thing sits on a Corvette C5 chassis and can be driven (Google Jay Leno drives Darth Vader’s car).

Darth Vader Hot Wheels car

Poe Dameron’s, er, Nissan Rogue X-Wing

Aren’t you a little short, stubby and sitting on four wheels to be an X-Wing fighter? Nissan teamed up with Star Wars in 2017 and showed off a heap of Star Wars-inspired vehicles, like this Poe Dameron X-Wing Nissan Rogue. It’s even got a BB-8 up on the roof. Lucasfilm designers drew up sketches for each of Nissan’s vehicles and then they were brought to life by Vehicle Effects.

Poe Dameron X-Wing Rogue

Nissan Titan AT-M6

Designed as a baddie, the Nissan Titan was decked out in a First Order wrap, given a 12-inch lift, and some heavy-duty weaponry. It also features a souped-up sound system providing the blaster noises and the sound of the walker’s heavy footfalls.

Nisan Titan AT-M6

1977 Toyota Celica

This one was intended to be a giveaway to commemorate the release of Star Wars, with the Star Wars movie poster airbrushed onto its bonnet. Only, the thing is, no-one ever received it…and it’s been lost, rumoured to be buried somewhere in the Jundland Wastes (Google it).

Star Wars themed Celica

Boba Fett Hyundai Veloster (aka Ivor Fett)

This one was built by a fan-atic and it’s awesome. It was created by artist Rebekah Stieg Knuth of Knuthart Studios who had her Veloster covered in a Boba Fett-style wrap. The color and patterns of the wrap mimic Fett’s armor complete with battle scars, his trademark insignia and his “T” shaped helmet visor extending from the windshield and side windows to the hood.

Boba Fett themed Hyundai Veloster
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