MotoFomo’s Friday Film Club

Motofomo's friday film club

Feeling a little bored? Want to make it look like you working really hard on a spread sheet? We’ve got you. Whack on your headphones and strap in for MotoFomo’s Friday Film Club.

Ken Block and his impulse buy

Dropped today, Ken Block, like the rest of us car nuts, likes to buy on impulse…research, shmesearch. What about walking around and kicking the tyres? Nup. Hops on a plane, flies to Denver to buy and then thrash a Fox-bodied Mustang that he hasn’t seen. Then he drives the tyres off the thing. Literally.

Let’s drift an Aston Martin DB5

To celebrate the production start of the Aston Martin continuation DB5 Bond-spec cars which you can read about by clicking on these blue words, we grabbed this video from Carfection. Presenter, Henry, gets behind the wheel of the DB5 used in the Bond film, No Time To Die and speaks with stunt driver and fast-driving Subaru WRX STI legend, Mark Higgins, about drifting a DB5 and more. Enjoy.

Go anywhere with the Sherp

For something a bit different, we’ve selected the Sherp promo video from Patriot Campers. These guys and gals are now the local importer for Sherp which is a mental Russian all-terrain vehicle that can rock-crawl and swim. Can’t drive it on the road, though. Boo.

Matt and Holly take on Fraser Island

The latest episode from Matt and Holly at Overland Travellers sees them taking on Fraser Island and some of its inland tracks. And with travel restrictions easing, now’s the perfect time for some research before getting back out there. They’ve also released an e-book featuring their big lap travel tips.

Let’s all grow a whopping mo and learn to build a car

Anyone remember the Curiosity Show? Well, this is a bit like that but as daggy as it is we can’t stop watching Pete’s How to Build a Car series. This is the first video in the series and is great for anyone thinking about getting their hands dirty on a project. And a big thanks to Matty B for letting me know about this series. Now to start working on growing my moustache bigger.

Jay takes the Vanderhall Edison 2 for a spin

Jay Leno’s Garage videos are always good but this week he’s reviewed the Vanderhall Edison 2 which is an electric three-wheeler…If you’re thinking, hey, hasn’t this been done before, well, yeah, it kinda has, with the Morgan, but it ain’t electric. Interestingly, you can buy a three-wheel Morgan in Australia, click these blue words. Jay’s videos are always well shot and informative, check it out.

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