Tour 8 great automotive museums from your couch

virtually tour the world's best automotive museums

Stuck at home and desperate for some motoring? Well, make a cup of coffee and have your own cars and coffee meet by virtually wandering around 8 great automotive museums.

Some good has come from the COVID-19 pandemic and that is the boom in virtual tours being offered by car and bike makers. We’ve hand-picked the ones that grabbed us but a quick Google search will throw up a bunch of others for you to poke your nose around.

Let’s start with the big name brands.

Porsche Museum

Not only is the building stunning, this museum is a proper must-visit for motorheads all around the world. Now you can wander around the thing without the sore feet. Everything you could hope to see displayed at the museum is, from the brand’s most important race cars to concepts, and even a tractor. Check it out HERE.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Another one that’s in a stunning building with displays to rival the best non-automotive museums in the world. It’s got everything you’d want the Merc museum to have from concepts, to historic cars, race cars and more. And you can tour it via VR too. Check it out HERE.

Lamborghini Museum

At this museum, it’s all about the metal with a raft of the brand’s most important historic and modern machinery. You can take a tour via Google Street View…would have been a tough job mapping this place. Check it out HERE.

Audi Museum

Having been to this place before, it’s one of my favourites but there’s so much to take in in these museums that your head starts to hurt after wandering around just one floor. So, a virtual tour is perfect as you can pause it and come back to it later, or skip through until you find something you really want to look at. The Audi museum offers three levels, two are permanent while the third floor is a changing exhibition space. Check it out HERE.

Toyota Museum

It’s the largest car maker on the planet and it’s got one of the most interesting museums too. Not just filled with Toyotas there are iconic models from all other brands too. Check it out HERE.

The Henry Ford Museum

This one’s not just about Ford cars, showing off interesting engineering and historic artifacts, like the Rosa Parks bus and Henry Ford’s Quadricycle – his first attempt at building a car. Check it out HERE.

Ducatti Museum

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about bike fans. As significant as any of the four-wheeled museums we’ve listed, the Ducatti museum is a must for fans, just expect to see a lot of red. Tour is via a Google 360-degree walk. Check it out HERE.

Harley-Davidson Museum

Another bucket-list museum and another Google tour. The virtual tour isn’t quite as good as the ones offered by other museums, but you can still get your fill of everything Harley-Davidson from its early days to now. Check it out HERE.

The museums we’ve listed here are really just the tip of the iceberg, if you go for a Google you’ll find all sorts of interesting places offering virtual tours.