We get hands-on with the ARB Pressure Control Module

ARB Pressure Control Module

The ARB Pressure Control Module allows you to control your air compressor via your smartphone for both inflation and deflation, ahead of our review we take a quick look at what you get in the box.

Back in 2009, I purchased my first ARB High Output Air Compressor. It performed flawlessly for 11 years until a couple of weeks ago when it decided to stop working. Now, more than likely I will be able to repair it as ARB has an extensive range of spare parts available, but even if I can’t, getting that long out of a product that’s used weekly, is impressive bang for your buck.

But with a trip coming up, I went out and grabbed a new one from my local ARB store at Maroochydore. Part of the reason for the urgency was that ARB had sent us a new product to test at MotoFomo – its stand-alone Pressure Control system that was released in December and allows you to connect and control your compressor with your smartphone.

Those with the full-blown LINX system have had access to this tech since 2017 but the rest of us have had to make do with getting out of the car, bending down and manually checking pressures when inflating or deflating. Not now. Now anyone with an ARB air compressor from the last decade or so can now access some whizz-bang techo-wizardry and that’s pretty cool, if you ask me.

The purpose of this article is literally to run you through what you get in the ARB Pressure Control (priced from $300) box and there’s a video to go with this too. It’ll be somewhere on the page. We’ll take a look at the quality and the ease of installation, don’t panic, we’ll show you how to install it and use it in our full written and video review which should be out in the next week or so, so stay tuned for that.

Included in the box is everything you need to install the ARB Pressure Control with an existing ARB High Output or ARB Twin Compressor. And this includes a pressure regulating valve, pressure transducer, pressure control module, mounting bracket, wiring harness, and installation instructions.

ARB Pressure Control Module

The install was fairly straightforward, with the supplied wiring loom connecting to the existing one for the compressor. Once installed, it is simply a matter of downloading the app (versions for iOS and Andriod are available), pairing the device and configuring the four preset modes and it’s ready to go. It’s also possible to manually select the tyre pressure.

Initial impressions are that it transforms the ARB compressor into something akin to the automatic systems at service stations – yes it’s that good. If you have an ARB compressor from the last 10 years, this is a fantastic upgrade.

Over the holiday period, I used the system a few times on day trips up to Double Island Point and every time had people come up asking questions about it. What it’s meant for me is I’m free to grab stuff from the fridge for the kids, chat with mates (who are crouched down over manual gages) or chill in air conditioning. Once the tyre reaches the chosen pressure (either inflate or deflate), the app sends a notification sound or vibration (depending on the mode your phone is in).

We will be doing a full follow-up review including benchmark tests compared to using an ARB E-Z Deflator and ARB Tyre Inflator. Keep an eye out for that on MotoFomo in the next couple of weeks.

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