100,000 Hyundais recalled due to fire risk

Hyundai i30 recall

Hyundai is encouraging owners of around 100,000 Hyundais to stop driving them and park them somewhere safe and in the open because of potential fire risk.

Owners of 100,000 vehicles manufactured by Hyundai are being notified of a recall for the i30 hatch, Elantra sedan, as well as some Santa Fe SUVs due to a possible fire risk. The vehicles affected were produced between 2006-2011. There’s a link to the affected VINs at the end of this article.

According to the recall, there is a circuit board within the ABS system on these vehicles that if exposed to moisture, will short circuit and may catch on fire.

As you may imagine, this could happen while the vehicle is being driven, making it dangerous for the occupants and other road users, however Hyundai and the ACCC have noted the short-circuit, and fire risk, may also occur while the vehicle is parked up and turned off. To this end, Hyundai is advising owners of the affected vehicles to cease driving the vehicles immediately, and park them in an open space, away from any flammable materials and structures. Namely, not within a garage or shed.

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by Hyundai Motor Company Australia as soon as possible and will be asked to contact an authorised Hyundai dealership to have a relay kit installed on the circuit board, that will fix the issue, and eliminate the risk of fire. As you would imagine, this repair will be conducted free of charge.

Hyundai models affected by the fire risk and recall, include the i30 hatch made from 2007-2011, Elantra sedan built from 2006-2011, and 9393 Santa Fe models built from 2005-2009. A full list of the VINs and details on the recall can be found HERE. For further information you can contact Hyundai Customer Care on 1800 186 306.

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