2021 Ford Bronco shows its off-road chops on muddy track

Ford Bronco testing in the mud

Here’s our best look yet at the 2021 Ford Bronco’s off-road ability in a 46-second long clip…and it looks like it’s got something the Wrangler doesn’t…

Ford has been teasing the Bronco for ages now and this latest teaser video released on Bronco Nation’s YouTube channel is our best look yet at it’s off-road capability. Testing took place in Georgia, at a place called Bogger Hollow. Sounds fun.

According to those who know, Bogger Hollow is meant to be a properly tricky place to drive when it’s wet and sloshy like it is in the video. But there’s more to this video than just showing off the long- and short-wheelbase Bronco in the mud.

Yep, at around the 0:24-second mark, the Bronco turns around a tree and if you look closely you’ll see the thing lock its inside rear wheel allowing the front wheels to keep spinning. Those who rock crawl call this manoeuvre a ‘front dig”. And the idea is that it helps to reduce the turning radius in tricky terrain.

Now, this isn’t a new system, those who own a 200 Series will know about its Turn Assist Control but the Bronco and the LandCruiser aren’t competitors in the strict sense of the word. Rather, Ford is going head-to-head with the Wrangler and as good as that thing is in technical terrain, it doesn’t have a ‘front dig’ function.

Now, much more than that we really don’t know. The video doesn’t say anything but we’re sure that off-roaders will get a good feel for the Bronco from watching the clip.

Now, the next question is how did Bronco Nation get the drop on everyone with this hi-res clip? Simple, it’s a not-so-thinly veiled project by a media agency working for Ford. Look the Bronco ain’t coming to Australia but it is cool and off-roaders will probably be disappointed. Even more so because Bronco Nation is IP blocked for anyone outside the US. Bollocks.

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