5.7L Chevrolet Corvette transformed into off-road buggy

Corvette becomes an off-road buggy

In less than 12 months this Corvette went from looking like, well, a Corvette to this Mad Max movie wannabe off-road buggy.

Looking like it’s just turned out by the Mad Max props department, this Corvette-cum-off-road buggy is less than 12 months old. Sure, the donor car is a 1999 Corvette; it was auctioned off in the US recently for just USD$24,000.

The body was taken off and thrown into a skip, the front and rear frame rails were shortened and an exterior cage was knocked up from DOM tubing (1.75-inch and 0.125-inch). The factory interior is largely intact although we can’t say anything kind about the seat covers. Blurgh.

If you looked at the front bumper and went, hang on, that looks like it’s from a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon… and you’d be right. The owner then bolted on Hella headlights, and LED taillights. The muffler is straight off a 2019 Camaro Z/28.

The 17-inch C5 Z06 wheels wear Firestone Destination MT2 tyres 265/70 on the front and 285/70 at the back. The Corvette suspension was kept but has been raised using factory adjusters. The TPMS, ABS, and DSC systems have been disabled because of the wheel and tire modifications.

There’s no way you’d get something like this registered for road use in Australia but in the US just about anything goes.

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