723kW Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar sounds AWESOME

Mercedes-AMG ONE prototype, hypercar, testing, dynamic,

The F1-tech-inspired Mercedes-AMG Project ONE has taken a step closer to production, beginning its track-testing program…and it sounds awesome.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One has begun track testing as it inches closer to production…when you’re watching the video, put on headphones and turn up the volume. It sounds AWESOME.

Mercedes-AMG has begun track testing several prototypes at its facility at Immendingen in Germany. Until now the hypercar has only been tested on the workbench. And the boffins have approved the thing to use all of its 735kW and give its complex hybrid system a proper workout.

The engine for Project ONE is based on one of Merc’s F1 engines, a 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 driving the rear wheels with four electric motors, two at the front, making it all-wheel drive, one on the engine and the last one on the turbo. According to Mercedes it’ll hit 324km/h in six seconds.

Mercedes-AMG ONE prototype, hypercar, testing, dynamic,

In addition to testing this thing’s bonkers powertrain, AMG boffins are also fiddling with its active aerodynamics, which includes louvres on the front fenders and an extendable rear wing. There’s also that massive scoop on the roof feeding air to the mid-mounted engine which becomes a giant shark fin leading to the rear wing.

According to Mercedes-AMG the plan is to go from the test track to the north loop of the Nürburgring. Can’t wait to see that.

Mercedes-AMG ONE prototype, hypercar, testing, dynamic,

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