All-electric Twisted NAS-E Defender breaks cover for US market

all-electric NAS-E Defender

Electric conversions are all the rage at the moment with Twisted releasing details on its all-electric NAS-E Defender for the US market.

If you’re not familiar with Twisted, it’s whole game is taking old Defenders and turning them up to 11. Now it’s gone a step further announcing its NAS-E Defender which is an electric conversion of the North American-spec soft-top Land Rover Defender 90.

all-electric NAS-E Defender

Only 30 of the things will be built in NAS-E or NAS-E Plus (more power) variants. All of the mechanical bits have been removed with a Remy Borg-Warner motor making 160kW and 380Nm of torque in NAS-E spec or 230kW and 460Nm in NAS-E Plus spec. It is mated to a direct-drive four-wheel drive setup to retain the Defender’s ability to go anywhere. Range is around 320km (with a 22kW-hour charging system and the option of fast-charging).

And, because it’s a Twisted Defender it gets the works, like custom valved dampers, six-piston calipers, harder brake pads, ABS, traction control and a step-down transfer case for high and low-range driving.

The NAS-E is available in a range of colours, including yellow, blue and green. The leather interior is cream, there’s a touch screen infotainment system and even proper air-conditioning. You also get a roll cage, and Raptored spray down flooring.

The Twisted NAS-E is only available in the US at the moment with prices starting from USD$185,000 and from USD$210,000 for the NAS-E Plus. However, Twisted is able to convert any of its models to electric drive in either the UK or US with the conversion process taking around two weeks. Locally, we’re following the conversion of a Range Rover Classic to all-electric drive EVolution, follow the journey HERE.

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