AOR Sierra ZR camper priced from $29,900

Sierra ZR

When it comes to camping you want a rig that’s tough, can be customised to suit you and doesn’t cost the earth. Enter the AOR Sierra ZR.

No-one’s going anywhere now (thanks coronavirus) but that hasn’t stopped Australian Off Road (AOR) from releasing its tiny-tot rough-road package, the Sierra ZR. Called a micro camper, the Sierra ZR can be just about anything you want it to be.

Priced from $29,900 the Sierra ZR can be had as a basic camper or cost-optioned with things like a shower, roof-top tent (or you can install your own), batwing awning up to 270-dgerees (a roll-out awning is standard), fridge, an embiggened water tank and river access system and more.

Painted in Raptor coating and running independent trailing arm suspension with Outback Armour Offroad shock and a DO35 off-road tow coupling, fully dust-proof and with a 40.7-degree departure angle, and a 150 Amp hour Lithium battery with FinScan PowerCore battery management system, the Sierra ZR would make a pretty good starting point for those wanting to go properly off-road in comfort.

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