New ARB Intensity Solis driving lights on-sale now

ARB Intensity Solis LED Driving Lights Revealed

Seven years after it launched the first-ever round off-road LED driving light, ARB has released its all-new Intensity Solis driving lights.

Seven years ago, ARB launched its Intensity driving light, the world’s first round off-road LED driving light. And it was an instant hit with off-roaders.

The new ARB Intensity Solis driving lights were revealed overnight via Facebook. The nine-inch round LED light features 36 Osram LEDs (6x 10 watt and 30x 4 for a total of 165 watts) and ARB reckons its boffins concentrated on the optics to remove flat spots and control the beam so that the light is only where you need it. And the body is die-cast aluminium which acts as a heat sink “and allows the dissipation of heat to keep the lights running at maximum performance,” said ARB.

More than that, the colour of the light was tweaked (5700 Kelvin) to reduce eye strain when driving long distances or dealing with light bouncing off signs, etc. If you’ve ever driven with LED lights you’ll know how intense the light can be when it reflects back. Light output has been measured to one lux at 1462 metres using two spotlights using accredited NATA measurement standards, said ARB. Individually, a single flood beam will achieve 1 lux at 729 metres while one spot beam has an impressive 1032 metres throw. Both the spot and the flood draw 12.4A at 13.2V.

The Solis features a five-stage digital dimmer to control the brightness of the light and it can be synced with ARB’s LINX system with a cost-optional controller harness on the market in September.

Unlike the solid red ring on the Intensity driving light, the Solis which shares much of its design with the Intensity V2 lights, features two bezels on the sides of the light which can be swapped from red to black (standard with the light). Each light weighs 3.3kg The Solis is available as either a spot or a flood variant and is priced from $349 each.

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