ARB releases accessories for new D-Max

ARB announces D-Max accessories

ARB has announced its full range of new D-Max accessories, including bull bar and canopies with suspension and GVM upgrade coming soon.

Following announcements by TJM and Ironman 4×4 about their own accessories for the new Isuzu D-Max, ARB has released its range. Given the all-new D-Max is a more sophisticated vehicle than the old one, not the least where active safety is concerned, accessories makers have had to ensure their bull bar designs don’t interfere with the camera-based safety system.

Frontal protection is of vital importance for touring four-wheel drivers and ARB’s Summit bull bar is well known for its design, strength and practicality. Out of the box it’s designed to take UHF CB aerials, driving lights and it also offers two jacking points.

ARB announces D-Max accessories

To suit the new tub shape, ARB’s designers redesigned its Classic and Classic Plus canopies which offer weather protection and either sliding or lift-up windows. ARB said its new Base Rack can also be mounted to the canopies.

In addition, ARB said things like its Outback Solutions drawers and Tailgate Assist required no redesigning to suit the new D-Max and so can be fitted without problem. If you’ve ever fitted a tailgate assister to your ute you’ll know how much easier they make raising and lowering the tailgate. For me, I’d be making fitting one of these, this weekend’s project.

ARB announces D-Max accessories

Towards the end of the year, ARB said it will have finished development of its Old Man Emu suspension range for the D-Max along with a GVM upgrade, as well as the Ascent canopy, Sportlid, Sportguard, Ute Liner, a range of bull bars, rear step tow bars, UVP and recovery points.

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