ARB releases Fridge Freezer Power Pack

ARB fridge freezer power pack

ARB has released its Fridge Freezer Power Pack which works with all its fridges, let’s take a closer look.

Being able to take your portable fridge away from your rig is a good thing, and while there are plenty of portable power packs that are designed to keep your fridge working, magnetic power packs are much easier to use.

Here at MotoFomo we’ve tested a Dometic fridge freezer with its PLB40 power pack and that’s a good thing, but magnetic power packs like this one from ARB and the MyCoolman power pack mean you can lug your ‘powered’ fridge around easily. And these packs take up a lot less space than a full-size portable power pack, like the PLB40, for instance.

So, what does the ARB Fridge Freezer Power Pack offer? According to ARB, it can be used on all ARB fridges, including its Classic Series I and II, the ZERO and the Elements fridges.

The battery pack is an 15Ah lithium battery that takes around five to six hours to charge from flat via mains power, or a suitable inverter, ARB said. And it’ll keep your fridge powered for up to 18 hours (based on a 44L ZERO fridge freezer set to 4-degrees C with an ambient temperature of 25-degrees C). The battery pack weighs just 1.65kg, has a simple on/off switch, boasts rubberised magnets, and is IP66 rated for water and dust protection. The ARB Fridge Freezer Power Pack retails at $399 and will be available from October.

The price is the same as the MyCoolman power pack and the run times are very similar for both packs, too. Although, based on MyCoolman’s own test data, its power pack can power its equivalent 44L Weekender fridge for up to 14 hours, but don’t read too much into this as we’re unsure of whether ARB loaded its fridge with bottles as in the MyCoolman test.

No matter which of the power packs you choose, the great thing about them is you no longer have to leave your fridge in your vehicle.

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