ARB’s Pressure Control Module allows you to control your air compressor with your phone

ARB Pressure Control Module

ARB has announced the release of its ARB Pressure Control Module which can be fitted to an air compressor allowing app-based airing up and down.

No need for a tyre pressure gauge anymore, according to ARB which has released its new Pressure Control Module today. Priced from $300 the module can be installed on an air compressor and, via Bluetooth syncs to your phone allowing you to control airing up or down from your smartphone, via the Compressor Connect app.

Check out our unboxing video:

If you know anything about ARB’s Linx system you’ll know this is one of the key features of that feature-rich setup. The Pressure Control Module allows punters to go for a more cost effective setup that will allow hands-free operation…once you’ve connected the air hose to the tyre.

ARB Pressure Control Module

ARB’s media release was short on detail, saying “With the ability to set a target pressure or save up to four custom presets for common uses such as sand, bitumen or gravel, the Bluetooth module will let air out or pump air into the tyre to hit the desired pressure and advise you via vibration and/or audio alerts. Using this module removes the need for a tyre gauge, streamlining the process when in the moment”.

MotoFomo will be testing out ARB’s Pressure Control Module and the Compressor Connect app in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for our video and review.

ARB Pressure Control Module

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