Audi quits DTM…commits to Formula E and customer racing

Audi quits DTM

Audi announces an end to its DTM commitment from the end of 2020, committing instead to focus on its Formula E involvement.

Audi has announced overnight that it won’t continue its involvement in the DTM touring car series in Germany and will focus on both customer racing and its involvement in Formula E. The brand is aiming to continue its ‘green’ push, it said.

“The four rings will not extend their commitment in the DTM touring car racing series beyond the 2020 season. The management board of AUDI AG made this decision also in light of the economic challenges. Consequently, the successful involvement in Formula E and in customer racing will be taking centre stage in Audi’s future motorsport activities.” 

Audi has participated in Formula E since its inception in 2014 and has won 41 trophies since. The brand is planning to generate 40 percent of its sales from electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2025 and so it makes ‘marketing’ sense to focus on that going forward.

“Audi has shaped the DTM and the DTM has shaped Audi. This demonstrates what power lies in motorsport – technologically and emotionally,” said Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG. “With this energy, we’re going to drive our transformation into a provider of sporty, sustainable electric mobility forward. That’s why we’re also focusing our efforts on the race track and systematically competing for tomorrow’s ‘Vorsprung.’” Formula E offers a very attractive platform for this. To complement it, we’re investigating other progressive motorsport formats for the future.”

In its time in DTM, Audi won 23 championships, including 11 driver titles, 114 victories, 345 podium finishes, 106 pole positions and 112 fastest laps. With three of three possible championship titles, numerous podiums and many other records, 2019 has been the most successful DTM season in the company’s history.

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