Traxxas Deep Terrain Tread…claws for your R/C car

Traxxas Deep Terrain Tread launched

Meet the latest weapon for Traxxas TRX-4 off-roaders running Traxx – the new Deep Terrain Tread…they’re basically rubber claws.

If you’ve been one of the millions of Aussies who’ve turned to R/C 4x4s to get their wheelin’ thrill while in lockdown, then you need to check out these Deep Terrain Treads. If you’ve got a TRX-4 running Traxx then swap out the old treads for these new ones which are basically rubber claws.

According to Traxxas, these new Deep Terrain Treads will outperform “even the most aggressive tyre”. The wide contact patch improves floatation allowing you to rip your way across surfaces that would see tyres sink. These Deep Terrain Treads come as a set of four and can be swapped straight onto any TRX-4 running Traxx. There’s no pricing available for Australia yet but they’re listing for USD$40 on the Traxxas website.

Deep Terrain Treads

Top Traxx Tips:

If you’re running Traxx on your rig then make sure you follow the below tips for better performance and to reduce the risk of damaging your truck.

  • Depending on how you use your Traxx, slight body trimming may be required. To avoid having to cut into the body too much, make sure you use a TRX-4 Long-Arm Lift Kit – this will improve ground clearance too.
  • On TRX-4 models equipped with T-Locks, keep the front and rear differentials locked for optimal traction and performance.
  • On TRX-4 models equipped with two-speed transmissions, always use low gear.

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