Bombproof 6×6 Rezvani Hercules teased

Revzani Hercules teased

If you thought the Revzani Tank was a little dull looking, then the Californian truck builder has just the thing for you, the 6×6 Rezvani Hercules.

With the release of the G63 six-wheeler it seems if you want your rig to be exclusive you’ve got to shoehorn an extra set of wheels underneath. Enter the Hennessey Velociraptor, the Goliath and friends. Now, makers of the Tank, Revzani, are teasing its latest creation, Hercules.

This six-wheeled monster will be offered in both left- and right-hand drive and while details are just about non-existent we’re going to take an educated guess. See, the Tank is based on a Jeep Wrangler, so it’s likely this is either a Jeep Wrangler converted into a six-wheeler or maybe it’s a Gladiator that’s been converted. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

Revzani Hercules six-wheeler

We know that Hercules will run Fox suspension (same as the Gladiator Rubicon) and if it gets the same accessories as the Tank, then this thing will be offered with a smokescreen machine, self-sealing fuel tank, run-flat tyres, armoured belly, deadbolt latches on the doors and much more. The engine is likely to be either a 6.4L Hemi or a 6.2L supercharged Hemi. Either way there’ll be plenty of grunt.

Revzani hasn’t released pricing but you can drop a refundable deposit of USD$299. I want it so much, the school drop off would be hilarious.

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