Buy and build this drivable Tamiya Wild One

Tamiya Wild One

The Little Car Company is at it again, building a drivable 8/10th scale version of Tamiya Wild One.

For those who don’t know, The Little Car Company loves making, er, little cars. Remember, it built the all-electric Bugatti Baby II and last year knocked out a 66% scale Aston Martin DB5 which was limited to just 1059 units; like the original.

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The Tamiya Wild One, the R/C version, was launched in 1985 and was relaunched in 2012 to capture the growing interest in R/C cars. Now, the brand has collaborated with the Little Car Company to build an all-electric, drivable version, called Wild One MAX.

Wild One MAX

The 3.5m long, off-road buggy weighs just 250kg and will accommodate anyone between 5ft3in and 6ft5in tall. The Wild One MAX has a space frame chassis, proper coil-over suspension and off-road tyres at the rear. It’s rear-wheel drive and powered by a 5.5bhp electric motor – 48km/h top speed. The 2kWh battery pack will provide a range of up to 40km, and there’s even Brembo discs on each corner. There are three drive modes – Eco, Novice and Race – which control things like top speed and throttle mapping.

Just like the original Wild One R/C car, you’ll be able to build the Wild One MAX at home. And there’s a bunch of cost options too, like a bigger battery, beefier motor, improved suspension, and more.

We want one, what about you? Pricing is expected to be around $11,000 and the business is calling for deposits of around $300 to reserve your vehicle.

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