Check out the folding ARB Fire Pit

ARB Fire Pit

Fire pits are all the rage right now, and ARB has just announced its new five-piece collapsible fire pit.

Whether it’s in your backyard or out the back of beyond a fire pit is a must-have item. And while there are a bunch of different ones on the market, ARB’s five piece Fire Pit looks pretty good.

The five-piece collapsible Fire Pit from ARB is made from REDCOR steel which is a rust-proof steel “designed to develop a patina through use”. It even comes in its own canvas bag.

According to ARB, its fire pit is ready to take a spit motor and rod, and comes with a removable grill so that you can cook right over the fire. It measures 600mm L x 496mm W x 300mm H, weighs 18kg and is made from 3mm steel, making the pit a great option for both camping and backyard ambience.

The ARB Fire Pit is $299 (Australian East Coast Metro) and is available now.

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