Check out the Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged restomod

Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged

An icon of the 1970s, the Jensen Interceptor has been reborn as a supercar-fast GT. Meet the Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged.

Jensen was a properly innovative company, it was the first car maker to release a production all-wheel drive, the Jensen FF long before Audi released the quattro. Jensen kicked off in 1934 and ran until 1976 and then was briefly resurrected in 1998 and dissolved in 2011.

But what if you want a Jensen Interceptor with some creature comforts? Something a little more modern? Enter Jensen International Automotive. This mob takes old Jensen Interceptors and gives them a new lease on life with an injection of supercharging.

Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged

JIA refurbs the body, including a full respray. All of the leaky old seals are ripped out and thrown in the bin, replaced with modern automotive rubber. There’s a bonded windscreen, and the seats and column stalks are from a Jaguar XJS. The dashboard is new. The tiny little chrome wing mirrors are binned in favour of new, larger ones. 

Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged

But it’s the engine that grabs the headline. It’s a 6.2L supercharged V8 that will propel the thing to 100km/h in just 3.8 seconds. An uprated prop shaft is installed and all supercharged Interceptor R’s run a six-speed automatic transmission. The suspension is breathed on, ABS fitted and the steering improved for weight and feel.

Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged

There are other versions available and you can have your build based on the all-wheel drive Jensen FF or the regular rear-drive model. Pricing exceeds $200,000.

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