Chevrolet Blazer-E shows off new eCrate motor from Bolt EV

Chevy Blazer-E gets eCrate motor

Chevrolet has resto-modded a 1977 K5 Blazer and dropped in the electric motor from a Bolt EV. Meet the Blazer-E.

Chevrolet plans to sell its Electric Connect and Cruise package (tech-speak for EV crate engine) from the second half of next year (2021). And this resto mod Blazer has been built as proof of concept.

Because SEMA will be an online event only this year, Chevy said it will use SEMA360 (as it’s being called) to survey SEMA members “interested in building their own electric projects to help finalize Chevrolet’s initial eCrate offering”.

Chevy Blazer-E gets eCrate motor

While Chevrolet has fiddled around with this eCrate engine idea since 2018, it reckons the Blazer-E is different because it retains as much of its original parts as possible. The V8 was ripped out and replaced with a Bolt EV motor (90% of the parts are stock Bolt components) which is mated to a Chevrolet Performance electronically controlled four-speed automatic. The rest of the Blazer-E drivetrain remains untouched, including the transfer case, driveshaft and axles.


Want to know more? The aftermarket components include an electric power steering kit, an electric pump providing vacuum to the stock brake system, and an electronic controller to drive inputs to the vintage Blazer gauges – such as displaying the battery’s state of charge on the original fuel gauge.

Chevrolet has resto-modded a 1977 K5 Blazer and dropped in the electric motor from a Bolt EV. Meet the Blazer-E.

Russ O’Blenes, Chevrolet director of engineering, Performance and Racing said, “The K5 Blazer-E demonstrates what is possible for customers who want to convert their vintage truck to a daily driver with the instant torque and unique driving experience of an EV. For customers who want more extreme performance, the modular eCrate system will have virtually limitless applications.”

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