Cool new roof rack from Front Runner Outfitters for the Defender

Front Runner Outfitters Land Rover Defender Roof Rack

Front Runner Outfitters has released a new roof rack for the new Land Rover Defender, priced from $1410.

Available as either a kit to replace the Defender’s factory rails or as a platform to mount to the factory rails, this new roof rack from Front Runner Outfitters is pretty cool. Yep, Land Rover is offering its own rack for the Defender but variety is the spice of life, right.

Anyway, the Slimline II Cargo Roof Kit comes with a wind deflector, the tray obviously, which measures 2166mm long and also the two foot rails. To fit the thing you’ll need to remove the factory rails on the Defender. And the foot rails have openings that allow you to fit the Front Runner Under Rack Mount camping tables. The whole kit is priced from $2110. The regular kit that includes six mounting feet to clamp onto the factory rails costs $1410.

Of course, you can get all sorts of extra bits and pieces to store on the rack, like a bike carrier, water tank, kayak holder, roof top tent, and more.

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