Ducatti PRO-I EVO eScooter not just for kids

Ducatti PRO-I EVO eScooter

The Ducatti PRO-I EVO eScooter will go on-sale next month boasting a 350W motor and WhatsApp connectivity.

The Ducatti PRO-I EVO builds on the sales success of the PRO-I Plus from last year with a tweaked design and improved folding system, but it’s the eScooter’s connectivity that Ducatti claims is the headline grabber.

Designed by ItalDesign, the app is claimed to be a ‘virtual garage’ “where multiple Ducati Urban e-Mobility products can be registered and where technical assistance services can be accessed, even in real time via WhatsApp chat”. From the app it’s possible to stay updated on the battery charge level, the distance travelled and the last known position of the vehicle; just in case you forget where you left it, or it gets stolen.

The PRO-I EVO features a 350W motor which Ducatti claims makes it even more responsive when starting and more effective uphill, a 280 Wh battery and a colour LED display. A new folding system makes it easier to close and carry for use on public transport. And an anti-vibration mechanism stops the handle from vibrating across rough surfaces.

The PRO-I EVO goes on-sale in Europe next month but we’re still waiting on Ducatti Australia to say whether it’ll come to Australia. Stay tuned.

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