Fernando Alonso thrashes refreshed 2021 Toyota HiLux

Fernando Alonso tests new HiLux

Days away from its reveal, Toyota Europe has released a video of Fernando Alonso thrashing the refreshed, more-power 2021 Toyota HiLux.

Alonso reckons the new HiLux can be invincible. But then he’s paid to say that. Overnight, Toyota Europe released a 13-second teaser video of Fernando Alonso thrashing the updated HiLux which is only days away from being revealed.

More than that, Toyota has confirmed the refreshed HiLux will get tweaked suspension and more power from its “new” 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. Details are still thin but it’s expected the 2.8L engine will offer slightly more power and torque…here’s hoping the DPFs won’t block as quickly as on the current car.

The updated HiLux is wearing heavy camouflage but it’s clear the headlights and grille have been tweaked. It’s likely the rest of the vehicle and much of the interior will be carried over. And just what changes have been made to the suspension is unknown at this stage.

Fernando Alonso tests out new Toyota HiLux

Alonso got to test the ‘new’ HiLux while preparing for the 2020 Dakar Rally last year in Spain. Following his drive, Alonso said: “The Hilux is an icon and I’ve always been a fan of this car. When I first saw the New Hilux, it looked spectacular. It was nice to test the new car in a difficult environment, on a rally stage, and to push it to the limits. The new 2.8-litre engine behaves really well and the new suspension feels great. Even if you push the Hilux to the limit, the comfort is still there. I think the New Hilux can be invincible.”

The new HiLux was expected in dealerships in July but coronavirus got in the way of that, it’s now expected Down Under in August.

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