Ford Fiesta ST fighter Hyundai i20 N teased in ice-shredding video

Hyundai i20 N tested on ice

Hyundai has teased its latest hot-shoe hatchback, the i20 N which appears in a video carving up a frozen lake in Sweden.

Hyundai has teased its i20 N in a new video showing off its i20 WRC and the RM19 concept vehicle. All three are being driven by Hyundai WRC driver Thierry Neuville in Arjeplog, Sweden.

Watch the video below, it shows the i20 WRC rally car leaving a vehicle transporter and thrashing along darkened roads in Lapland, bonnet-mounted headlamps lighting its way. As dawn breaks, it picks up speed, driving through snow-covered forests and around hairpin curves to reach a frozen lake.

The video cuts to the RM19, skidding sideways along the road. The camera cuts again, and this time we see a prototype of the all-new i20 N, with camouflage covering over its front and rear.

On the prototype all-new i20 N, Neuville said: “Very interesting car. Very precise. Very easy handling. The engine is revving nicely and the noise is very interesting as well. I’m looking forward to getting this one to drive in WRC”.

Hyundai Australia has already gone on record saying it would welcome the idea of selling the i20 N in Australia, but that’s about all the brand is saying. We don’t know what engine it’ll have, or when it might make it here. It could, of course, make use of Hyundai’s 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder (from the i30 N-Line) which would put it in the ballpark of key rivals in that space.

Stay tuned.

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