Ford Ranger XL Heavy Duty and XLT Fully Loaded Pack available now

Ford Ranger updated

Ford Australia has revealed a heavy duty pack for the Ranger XL 4×4 and a Fully Loaded Pack for the XLT 4×4 with drive-away pricing and more.

The Ford Ranger 4×4 is Australia’s best-selling 4×4 and Ford’s hoping it’ll increase sales with the release of new packs for the XL 4×4 and XLT 4×4 variants. 

The upgrades include a new all-terrain tyre option for Ranger XL 4×4, a new Heavy-Duty Pack on selected XL 4×4 Models, a Tough Bed Spray-in Bedliner option and a new 17-inch black alloy wheel option for Ranger XLS. There’s also the return of Ford Ranger XLT’s Fully Loaded Pack adds 18-inch gloss black alloys, adaptive cruise control, leather-accented seat trim and semi-automatic parallel parking. The Fully Loaded Pack can be optioned on either 3.2L or bi-turbo engines.

Ford Ranger updated

The Heavy-Duty Pack for the XL 4×4 is available across a range of Single Cab, Super Cab and Double Cab body configurations in both Cab Chassis and Pick-Up, with a cost of between $1600-2000 depending on the variant. The pack includes:

  • Heavy-Duty suspension 
  • 17 x 7.5-inch black-painted steel wheels
  • 17-inch Continental ContiCrossContact A/T tyres
  • Solid wheel nuts 
  • Black side steps (excluding Single Cab Chassis)
  • Rear view camera kit (Cab-Chassis models only. Already standard on Pick-Up models)

Also available for the XL 4×4 is the Special Edition variant which is launching with a $49,990 recommended drive-away offer. It includes:

  • A factory-fitted steel bull bar, covered by Ranger’s five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty. The Genuine Ford Steel Bull Bar has been crash-tested for compatibility with vehicle safety systems, which on XL includes AEB with Pedestrian detection.
  • The bull bar also features integrated mounting points for driving lights and UHF antennas, with the Ranger XL Special Edition including an LED light bar.
  • A Ford Genuine fixed-head snorkel.
Ford Ranger updated

The XL is also being offered with a new all-terrain tyre, the Continental CrossContact ATR (RRP $500)which is wrapped around 17×7.5 inch alloys instead of the standard 16-inch wheels. Having driven a dual-cab with CrossContact ATRs fitted, I can attest to their wet bitumen performance and improved dirt road grip.

The XL is also now available with a Heavy Duty pack which includes beefed up suspension and the Continental all-terrain rubber.

And now available across the Ford Ranger lineup (XL, XLS, XLT Double Cab) is a spray-in bedliner which boasts a two-part coating for strength and durability.

“Ranger has been designed and engineered in Australia, and our harsh continent is an ideal place to develop, test and test again to ensure Ranger meets the Tough Done Smarter mantra,” said Andrew Birkic, President and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re working hard to ensure that tradies and their teams across the country, and businesses pushing to get back on their feet, have the right equipment and support to get on with what matters to them most.”

Ford Ranger Pricing
Recommended Manufacturer List Prices (MLP)

Ranger 4×2 MLP
4×2 XL Single C/C 2.2L Low Rider MT$29,190
4×2 XL Single C/C 2.2L Hi-Rider AT$34,890
4×2 XL Super C/C 2.2L Hi-Rider AT$37,390
4×2 XL Double C/C 2.2L Hi-Rider AT$39,390
4×2 XL Double P/up 2.2L Hi-Rider AT$40,790
4×2 XLT Double P/up 3.2L Hi-Rider AT$51,540
4×2 XLT Double P/up 2.0L Bi-Turbo Hi-Rider AT$53,040
Ranger 4×4
4×4 XL Single C/C 3.2L MT$43,090
4×4 XL Single C/C 3.2L AT$45,290
4×4 XL Super C/C 3.2L MT$45,590
4×4 XL Super C/C 3.2L AT$47,790
4×4 XL Super P/up 3.2L AT$49,190
4×4 XL Double C/C 2.2L AT$47,290
4×4 XL Double P/up 2.2L AT$48,690
4×4 XL Double C/C 3.2L MT$47,590
4×4 XL Double C/C 3.2L AT$49,790
4×4 XL Double P/up 3.2L MT$48,990
4×4 XL Double P/up 3.2L AT$51,190
4×4 XLS Double P/up 3.2L MT$50,290
4×4 XLS Double P/up 3.2L AT$52,490
4×4 Sport Double P/up 3.2L MT$53,540
4×4 Sport Double P/up 3.2L AT$55,740
4×4 XLT Super P/up 3.2L AT$57,440
4×4 XLT Super P/up Bi-Turbo AT$58,940
4×4 XLT Double P/up 3.2L MT$57,240
4×4 XLT Double P/up 3.2L AT$59,440
4×4 XLT Double P/up Bi-Turbo AT$60,940
 Ranger XL/XLS/XLT Options
  Prestige Paint$650
  Tough Bed Spray-in Bedliner (XL / XLS – Double Cab P/U only) (new)$800
  XL Heavy-Duty Suspension $500
  XL 4×4 17-inch Continental A/T Tyres (new)$500
  XL 4×4 Single Cab Chassis Heavy-Duty Pack: (new) Heavy Duty Suspension 17-inch black finish steel wheels Continental A/T Tyres Solid wheel nuts Rear camera accessory$1,600
  XL 4×4 Super Cab/Double Cab Chassis Heavy-Duty Pack: (new) Heavy Duty Suspension 17-inch black finish steel wheels, solid wheel nuts Continental A/T Tyres Black side steps Rear camera accessory$2,000
  XL 4×4 Double Cab Pick-up Heavy-Duty Pack: (new) Heavy Duty Suspension 17-inch black finish steel wheels, solid wheel nuts Continental A/T Tyres Black side steps (N.B. Rear camera already standard)$1,600
  XLS Premium Pack  Chrome grille and door handles SYNC 3 with built-in satellite navigation DAB+ Digital Radio Dual-zone Climate Control Smart Keyless Entry with Push-button start Dual 4.2-inch instrument cluster$1,500
  17-inch black finish Alloy Wheels for Ranger XLS (new)$750 
  Tough Bed Spray-in Bedliner (Sport/XLT – Double Cab P/U only) (new)$300
  XLT Tech Pack Adaptive Cruise Control Semi-automatic Park Assist $800
  XLT Leather-Accented Seats$1,500
  18-inch Black alloy wheels for XLT $750
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