Fox-bodied Mustang…meet Ken Block’s Hoonifox

Fox-bodied Mustang - the Hoonifox

Lockdown can either induce boredom or genius…For his latest drift machine, Ken Block got the man who designed the new Batmobile to dream up this Fox-bodied Mustang – the Hoonifox.

Teased in the middle of last week and then dumped onto the internet in a 20-minute-long video revealing renderings of the thing. It’s being called the Hoonifox and it’s based on the 1979-1993 Mustang that almost no-one thought was a good idea.

The thinking is that the Mustang you see here, or a version of it will make it into the 11th instalment of the Gymkhana series. The man holding the pen and paper was Ash Thorp, the designer responsible for the new Batmobile.

Clearly he was told to go properly nuts with the design, dipping into the designs of everything from Group B rally to Block’s own 1965 Hoonicorn Mustang. Now, beyond these realistic designs, the Hoonifox doesn’t actually exist and we’ve got no idea what sort of engine will run in it, but we can expect it to be properly bonkers.

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