Forget the thermos, you can make coffee on a building site or in the bush with the Makita 18V Coffee Machine Skin.

This thing will set you back about $129 (excluding the battery) and while you can buy pod machines for that, the Makita 18V Coffee Machine Skin is way more convenient for work and camping because it’ll run off the same battery as your drill, saw, or laser level.

This thing has an inbuilt water tank measuring 240ml, swallows pre-ground coffee, so you’ll have to carry that with you, and can pump out around 640ml of coffee before the battery will die (around five decent cups). It takes around four minutes to brew up a coffee using an 18V battery or more than five minutes with a 12V Max battery.

The coffee machine skin weighs 1.4kg and comes with a cup, lid for the cup and a measuring spoon for the coffee. One cool feature is the lid for the cup which allows coffee to drip in while keeping dust out of the coffee. And there’s a terminal protection cover to keep the battery terminal safe when not in use.


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