Autohome releases roof top tent for Land Rover Defender

Land Rover and Autohome have collaborated on the design of a roof top tent designed just for the new Defender.

Just about every single 4×4 you see these days is adorned with a roof top tent and the new Land Rover Defender will be no different. The UK car maker has teamed up with Autohome to create a hard shell roof top tent to suit the new Defender.

When raised, the tent measures 2.3m long, 1.3m wide and 1.5m tall. It features a fibreglass shell, with internal gas struts to raise the tent when it’s unclipped, and holds a full size mattress with pillows, an LED light and a storage net.

The tent can be easily accessed from either side of the vehicle and comes with an extendable aluminium access ladder which can be stored in the stowage bag inside the tent when not in use.

Giuseppe Fercodini, CEO of Autohome, said: “Land Rover has worked hand-in-hand with our technicians to design a unique roof tent for the Land Rover Defender. This tent is much more than a campsite accessory: its strength, comfort, versatility and reliability makes it ideal for extreme camping and off-road holidays.”

There’s no word yet on whether this roof top tent will be available in Australia via Land Rover when the new Defender launches here or via Autohome. But overseas it’s available via both. Based on today’s currency conversion, the roof top tent lists for more than $5000.

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