Conquer the outdoors with the Portable Projecta PP15 solar charger

Projecta PP15 solar charger revealed

Part of Projecta’s Compac range, the PP15 solar charger offers a 15W solar array and built-in power bank for charging portable devices when you’re off the grid.

New to Projecta’s Compac Series is the PP15 Solar Charger which boasts a 15W three-panel solar array with a built-in powerbank carrying an RRP of $189.

The PP15 measures just 27cm by 16cm and 2cm thick when folded and 63cm by 27cm by 1cm thick when unfolded and strapped to the outside of a backpack. It weighs just 530 grams – about the same as a half-litre bottle of water. The solar charger kit comes with corded loops and carabiners for versatile mounting to tents and backpacks for sun exposure.

The PP15 takes between six to 10 hours to fully charge the power bank, or three to five hours when charged via a USB outlet. It’ll charge a smartwatch around 20 times before the power bank is drained, a GoPro three times, iPhone 8 almost twice, an iPhone X a little less than one-and-a-half times and a Drone between one and eight times depending on the size of the drone. There are three USB outlets for simultaneous charging with a total combined output of up to 3A (5V).

The PP15 is the big brother of the PP10, a 10W solar charger that directly charges portable devices (it doesn’t offer a power bank). The Compac range also offers the PB10 and PB5 power banks. According to Projecta, the PB5 and PB10 offer USB-C fast charging and one of the smallest footprints for their capacity (5000mAh and 10,000mAh respectively). The power banks are capable of charging 18W laptops such as the MacBook Pro, plus a wide range of USB-powered devices, and can even be charged using one of Projecta’s PP10 or PP15 solar chargers.

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