Get a better multi-tool with the Gerber Centre-Drive Plus

Gerber Centre-Drive Plus

You could carry a tool box around in your rig or a multi-tool…think of the Gerber Centre-Drive Plus as a Swiss Army Knife on steroids.

Got a little bit gun-shy of multi-tools when I skimped and bought a cheapie. Not only did I snap the pliers trying to wrench something but the locking mechanism constantly stuck. It was a piece of…

Suffice it to say I steered clear of multi-tools until my old man handed me his Gerber multi-tool. Everything worked as it should, it was well built and it looked awesome. I’ve got one now, an old Suspension-NXT. But the new Gerber Centre Drive-Plus looks great. And it’s just been upgraded.

Featuring a ‘proper’ screwdriver and spring loaded needle-nose pliers, a 30 percent longer outboard blade and one-thumb opening sliding jaws. New for this updated version is a leather carry case, scissors, and tumble-finished tools – there are 14 in all. It’ll cost you around $204 and you can check it out HERE.

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