New ARB Sportlid will hold up to 75kg

ARB Sportlid released

For those with tub tray dual cab utes, the ARB Sportlid allows you to keep your rig looking sleek with the ability to carry up to 75kg on the lid.

ARB has released its new Sportlid which has been constructed from ABS (the same material used for its canopies) and is designed to suit tub tray dual cab utes with the ability to carry a weight on the lid; up to 75kg of dynamic load. Indeed, the lid can be raised with up to 13kg of weight or up to 37kg if you purchase upgraded struts. The ARB Sportlid is priced from $2,727.

The Sportlid has been designed from the get-go to take roof bars or roof racks with dual external T-slot extrusions. And the large handle should make the lid easy to use. As standard, the lid is locked via a key on the handle or you can upgrade to a premium kit and receive central locking and interior lighting.

Currently, the ARB Sportlid is designed to suit (current models) HiLux, Ranger, Amarok, Navara and Colorado, further model development is in progress.

ARB said, “While a canopy gives you extra height, for those who prefer the sleeker styling of a tub only but need the extra roof load, the Sportlid allows in-tub cargo to be kept out of the elements, is lockable to keep your items safe and provides that precious extra space to carry larger items such as bicycles, timber or a rooftop tent”.

ARB Sportlid released

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