Old Porsche 911s get plug-and-play digital infotainment

Porsche Classic Communication Management

Got an old Porsche 911 but annoyed you can’t connect your phone? Now you can with the Porsche Classic Communication Management infotainment screen.

Developed by Porsche and designed to replace the original built-in 1-DIN (PCCM) and 2-DIN (PCCM Plus which only this one works with Android Auto), the two infotainment screens simply plug straight in. PCCM offers a small 3.5-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay (no Android Auto) and native satnav.

Porsche Classic Communication Management

Porsche is also offering PCCM Plus which is for later generation air-cooled 911s – 996 generation and 986 Boxster. These models came with a 2-DIN system and the PCCM Plus can be swapped straight in. This offers a seven-inch touchscreen system. The new PCCM is compatible with the first 911 of the 1960s and the last of the air-cooled 911s (the 993). The system is available from 1439 euros (PCCM) and 1606 euros (PCCM Plus) and it’s recommended you have it fitted at an official Porsche service centre.

Porsche Classic Communication Management

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