Quick Look: Bushranger Night Hawk 7-inch VLI Series LED Driving Lights

Bushranger Night Hawk VLI Series 7 inch driving light

The Bushranger Night Hawk range of LED driving lights is well known and now the brand has rolled out a smaller 7-inch set listing from $320.

According to Bushranger, it’s new Night Hawk 7-inch VLI Series LED Driving Lights “have been developed from the ground up by our team of engineers to offer a truly unique design which takes performance, looks and usability to a whole new level”. Big call.

While we haven’t tested out the new LED driving lights, here at MotoFomo we’re pretty familiar with Bushranger gear. So, what do you get in the box? Each light is supplied with two protective covers allowing you to adjust the beam pattern, from spot to flood. The wiring system is sold separately, you’ll need the VLI Wiring System ($89). The body of the light is pressure die-cast and the mounting bracket is made from 4mm thick steel.

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Interestingly, Bushranger has included a brightness control function (via the wiring harness) allowing drivers to dial down the intensity of the light. If you’ve ever run LEDs and had the light bounce back off signs you’ll know how dazzling it can be and not just for you, but for drivers following your vehicle. “The brightness is controlled by our pioneering, relay-free VLI Series Wiring System, which is the first of its kind, and leads the way with simpler wiring, easier installation, more user control and greater reliability over traditional systems,” Bushranger said in a media statement. As mentioned earlier that wiring system will need to be purchased separately but it allows you to connect up to eight lights and even have your lights set up as camp or reverse lighting.

What else do you need to know? The lights weigh 1.7kg and are IP67 & IP69K rated with Genuine GORE breather, to manage the internal air pressure without letting water or dirt into the unit. Each light runs 17 Osram LEDs and comes with a five-year warranty.

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