Quick Look: Ironman 4×4 Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms

Ironman 4x4 Drop-Forge Upper Control Arm

If you’ve lifted your 4×4 then you’re going to need to replace your upper control arms to get the correct alignment settings for the new ride height/suspension.

Most car makers allow for a small amount of adjustment of the factory-fit upper control arms but when it comes to suspension lifts, that adjustment often isn’t enough. An aftermarket upper control arm that’s been designed for lifted vehicles will allow for the extra ride height and allow for adjustment of the ball joint and wheel alignment back to their factory settings.

If we look specifically at the Ironman 4×4 Pro-Forge Upper Control Arm which was rolled onto the market last year, well, it’s been designed to be swapped out for the factory upper control arm and run either at factory ride height and can even accommodate up to four-inches of lift.

Ironman 4x4 Drop-Forge Upper Control Arm

There are plenty of ways a control arm can be made, either from pressed steel or casting but Ironman 4×4 said it wanted something stronger and more accurate than those techniques offered. So, out came a 3D scanner and the boffins started to map out the various vehicles and their suspension the upper control would be used on. With a computer model created the next step is 3D printing which allows for test fitting and fine adjustment before playing with metal products. Ironman 4×4 went with drop forge construction using 6082 T6 alloy with silver anodised corrosion protection because of the strength and consistency of quality this method offers.

While the arm itself is more like what you’d get on a high-performance car, the bushes, etc are all OEM spec as Ironman 4×4 reckons these are bulletproof, maintenance free beyond keeping up wheel alignments and easily replaced if something does go wrong out the back of nowhere.There are way too many vehicle makes and models the Ironman 4×4 Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms work with, so click on these blue words if you want to know if they’ll fit your 4×4. Pricing depends on the make and model of vehicle, so, we reckon you’re best off contacting your local 4×4 accessory shop for a price. And they come with a three-year, 60,000km warranty.

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