Quick Look: OzTent RV-3 Lite

OzTent RV-3 Lite

Looking for a fast-to-erect tent that’s lightweight, strong and budget-friendly? Enter the OzTent RV-3 Lite.

Priced from $849 the RV-3 Lite from Oztent boasts the same design and construction philosophy as the well-known canvas RV-3. The idea with the RV-3 Lite is to offer an, er, lightweight alternative to its heavier RV-3. The lightweight RV-3 was launched towards the end of last year.

Like the regular RV-3, the RV-3 Lite can go from the bag to setup in less than a minute with the tent itself taking around 30-seconds to stand up once it’s been rolled out. And that’s thanks to the folding frame that we know so well from the heavier RV-3.

If you’re looking at getting into camping or making a return to it then the RV-3 Lite is a good place to start. It’s made from waterproof, flame-resistant under CPAI-84, UPF50+ certified ripstop polyester. This means that it’ll dry out quicker than its canvas sibling and if well looked after will last almost as long too.

An attached roll-out awning allows you to expand your living space and provide extra protection from the sun or the rain. The windows are operated on the inside of the tent with a fly included to protect against the heat and cold.

The RV-3 Lite will sleep up to four people and features a power inlet that’s designed to allow a power cord in but keep the weather out. There’s a two-year warranty on the RV-3 Lite and it weighs 19.5kg, so this is definitely for car-based camping rather than hiking and backpacking. The tent measures 205cm long and 28cm wide and high when packed, so you’ll need to store it on the roof or tray of your vehicle and measures 240cm by 200cm by 190cm high when set up.

Stay tuned for more information on this one, as MotoFomo will be testing it soon.

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