Quick Look: Pedders TrakRyder rear disc brake conversion kit

Pedders TrakRyder rear disc brake conversion kit for Toyota HiLux

ADR compliant and designed to suit Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max we take a quick look at the Pedders TrakRyder rear disc brake conversion kit.

No-one likes drum brakes but almost all dual-cab utes run them. Sure, they’re simple and cheap which is why car makers use them but if you tow or regularly load up your ute then swapping out drum brakes for discs is the way to go. That’s where the Pedders TrakRyder rear disc brake conversion kit comes in…it’s the only one available on the market that’s ADR compliant.

Sure, wander around the Internet and you’ll find plenty of mobs importing rear disc brake kits from the US but these are generally for things like Mustangs, and will require engineering and certification when installed. For those wanting to switch from drums to discs at the back of their utes, the Pedders TrakRyder rear disc brake conversion kit is the only option. And it’s a good one.

The kit is priced from $2370 and is designed and engineered as a direct OEM replacement of the rear drums and suits Ford Ranger PX, PXII and PXIII, HiLux Gen 7 and 8, Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max. Fitment costs will depend on who does the job and you’ll need to budget for certification. 

According to Pedders, the Geomet coated and slotted disc brake rotors are matched with TrakRyder kevlar ceramic ultra-low dusting, high-performance brake pads which improves stopping performance immensely. Indeed, in its testing for ADR approval, Pedders used a Toyota HiLux which was loaded to full GVM (3140kg) and then stopped from 100km/h, pulling up 21.4 metres shorter than the same vehicle running the original rear drum brakes. And only 30 percent of the braking force was applied. Impressive.

Beyond improved stopping performance, Pedders reckons the new rear brakes dissipate heat better than the drums and offer better wear performance. Stay tuned for more details on this conversion kit as MotoFomo will be putting the Pedders TrakRyder rear disc brake conversion kit to the test soon.

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