REDARC Launches BCDC Wiring Kits

REDARC Launches BCDC Wiring Kits

To be honest, before I’d tackled installing a 200Ah lithium battery-based power system in my Toyota Hilux, I’d completely undervalued the time involved and the cost of wiring components in a 12v dual battery system. Very quickly I was over AU$600 in various bits and pieces, including longer lengths of cable than needed. Add to that it ended up taking myself and Troy Bignell the best part of two evenings, and a few beers, to figure out and install.

Well, that can be a thing of the past with REDARC’s range of BCDC wiring kits designed around their legendary BCDC battery chargers. Available to suit side-by-side engine bay, across engine bay and rear of vehicle installs with kits covering different ampacity and fusing requirements across REDARC’s BCDC family (24A, 40A & 50A).

From REDARC: “This kit contains all the cables, fuses, fuse holders and connectors required to install the BCDC between the batteries. The cables are even pre-crimped on one end, and through use of the supplied terminal block, the other end of the cables can be trimmed to length to suit the specific installation. This kit contains cables with a wider diameter, and higher rated fuses suitable for high current.”

Ideal for DIY projects and even pros looking for the install speed and convenience of ready-to-go kits. Plus, knowing REDARC’s reputation, we know it’s going to be comprised of quality componentry that will go the distance.

REDARC BCDC Wiring Kits are available now in Australia and the United States direct from REDARC or your local dealer.

Check out the video below with Tyler from Independence Overland running through installation of the 40A Rear Install BCDC Wiring Kit on his FJ Cruiser.