Unifilter has added a new AEV Snorkel Ram Head Cover to its range of ram head cover and drop-in pre-filters to suit factory and custom snorkels.

Travelling on dry and dusty outback roads with mates can be a lot of fun but it also means your rig is likely to suck in a gutful of dust, clogging up the engine’s main air filter. While you should never head out bush without a spare air filter, at the least, a pre-filter can be a handy addition as long as you keep it clean and only use it when travelling in a convoy situation. Check out Robert’s article on How to Drive in a Convoy.

The new AEV Snorkel Ram Head Cover pre-filter offers a snorkel face measuring 205mm by 125mm and comes in the box, oiled and ready to use. It’s available in either red or black and lists for $25 or you can get a box of three for $34.95.

Unifilter offers a complete range of pre-filters and drop-in filters to suit factory, aftermarket and custom snorkels.

Be warned, pre-filters aren’t recommended for daily use because the oiled foam can become blocked or breakdown when left on in the elements. So, use them when driving in a convoy and then remove them afterwards. If you need to clean them, Unifilter sells cleaning and oiling agents to suit. Check out the full range HERE.

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