Geodesic tent and zero emissions make Alpha Wolf one heck of an off-roader

The retro-inspired ute is called the Alpha Wolf and is has a thoroughly modern drivetrain – and an optional geodesic tent.

Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak
Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak

Could this be the ultimate adventure machine? This retro-inspired ute is called the Alpha Wolf and is has a thoroughly modern drivetrain – and an optional geodesic tent.

There’s no petrol or diesel here: the Wolf – and its Wolf+ and Superwolf siblings – are powered purely by electricity.

Two electric motors provide the four-wheel drive traction and are claimed to launch the mid-sized ute to 100km/h in about six seconds.

Those times are hardly about to upset the status quo of the new EV superutes – think Rivian, Tesla, Hummer and Canoo – but it’ll comfortably outpunch a Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger.

Alpha Superwolf electric ute
The Alpha Superwolf is the first dual-cab ute from the Californian EV maker

At least till it needs charging… Yep, while the Wolf will do about 500km on a charge, you’ll ultimately need to find somewhere to park up and recharge before you do the next 500km.

Still, as one of more than a dozen EV utes currently under development it surely won’t be long until fast chargers are in the sort of places Australian ute buyers will want them.

But it’s adventure that the Wolf is all about. You get that by looking at it. This is a ute that’s clearly been designed to get down and dirty.

The ute comes with some very serious BF Goodrich mud terrain tyres as well as enough LED lights to light an outback town.

Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak
Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak

It can also be had with a geodesic tent as part of the Wolf+ Cloudbreak kit. Imagine crossing the Simpson Desert and unfurling this thing each night!

The tent itself is supplied by Heimplanet, which is known for its high quality tents and adventure gear. It’s constructed of “weatherproof, durable and high-quality materials such as high tenacity polyester”. It also includes “140 HPE Dacron/HT Polyester and 70D dope dyed HT Rip Stop Polyester PU 5000” … which certainly sounds impressive…

“We have been searching for the perfect structure that guarantees stability and offers comfortable access,” said Heimplanet co-founder Stefan Clauss.

Alpha Superwolf electric ute
The Superwolf can be optioned with naked doors for the ultimate in adventure

“Many structures offer either one or another but with this geodesic structure we found the perfect balance. For the collaboration with Alpha Motor Corporation, we adapted the shape to fit the dimension of the vehicle while allowing for two separated access points. The result is a unified vehicle and tent form while maintaining full functionality.”

The Alpha Wolf is currently an America-only proposition. The company is based in California and its focus is getting things rolling in its homeland.

Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak
Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak

But that doesn’t stop us dreaming of a cool EV ute that would surely fit right in Down Under.

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