Get on your bike…Ducatti e-Scrambler Revealed

Ducati e-Scrambler launched in Europe

E-bikes are all the rage and now there’s a new one, the Ducati e-Scrambler has been revealed overnight and is on-sale now…but not in Oz until 2021.

Here at MotoFomo we love anything with wheels and while purists might complain that an e-bike is cheating, well, if it helps you go faster than we’re okay with that. We recently reviewed the Super73 SG1 and we’ve written about Onyx before too, but to see Ducati rolling out an e-bike is pretty cool.

We’ve reached out to Ducati Oz to find out if it’ll be coming here and will update this article when we hear back (UPDATE: We’ve now been told the e-Scrambler will be in Australia but not until 2021 and no pricing has been revealed). Until then, in Europe the e-Scrambler is priced at an equivalent $5500 and has been built in collaboration with Thok.

The e-Scrambler features a 250-Watt Shimano Steps E7000 motor with 504 Wh battery and Pirelli Cycl-e GT tyres. There’s no word on range and we’ve asked about that too. There’s an 11-speed gearbox, suspension is via an 80mm Suntur XCR 34 fork, Scram 4-piston brakes and a bunch of accessories like luggage rack (which will take 25kg), mudguards, stand and lights. The bike weighs 22.5kg.

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