Harley Davidson is launching an e-bike business called Serial 1 Cycle Company

Harley Davidson Serial 1 Cycle Company

Yep, Harley Davidson’s Serial 1 Cycle Company will launch in the next week and its first e-bike is pure retro gold.

Check out Harley Davidson’s Serial 1 e-bike which it’ll officially launch in about a week along with the motorcycle brand’s new e-bike business called Serial 1 Cycle Company.

The name comes from the nickname for Harley Davidson’s first ever motorcycle, the Serial Number One (released in 1903) and the e-bike of the almost-same-name has taken a hell of a lot of inspiration from it. With COVID causing plenty of people to move away from public transport and onto bikes, sales of both pushies and e-bikes have been soaring. Harley Davidson reckons the idea behind the new business came from a group of employees who wanted to “change the way the world moves”.

Check out the white wall tyres, the leather seat, the shape of the frame and the handlebars and you can see how hard Serial 1 is hinting at the 1903 motorcycle. Other than that, we can’t tell you much about this thing. It’ll be revealed in full with specs on November 16. Stay tuned for more.

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