Haynes releases workshop manual for Doc Brown’s DeLorean Time Machine

DeLorean Time Machine

Nerds rejoice. Haynes is issuing a workshop manual for Doc Brown’s DeLorean Time Machine…it’s available for pre-order now.

Proudly brought to you by Oricom: Dropping onto Amazon last week for pre-order, Haynes has released its workshop manual for Doc Brown’s DeLorean Time Machine which is great news for those with a spare Flux Capacitor and DeLorean laying around. Obviously, key instructions will include things like, never setting the date to 2020…

According to Haynes, it will explain why 88mph (142km/h) is the magic number for time travel, and delve into the details of the flying DeLorean from Back to the Future 2. Here’s hoping that everyone reading this is aware of the fact that the DeLorean Time Machine is from the cult trilogy, Back to the Future.

DeLorean Time Machine

The book can be pre-ordered via Amazon and will be delivered in March 2021 (click these blue words).

But that’s not the only movie car workshop manual Haynes has released. Why not grab a copy of the Ghostbusters EctoMobile workshop manual from 2017. This one details the various iterations of the EctoMobile, Ecto-1. It explains the work done to the engine, ghost tracking systems and even how proton packs, ghost traps and PKE meters work. Check it out on Amazon now.

Haynes workshop manual for Ectomobile
Haynes workshop manual for Ectomobile
Haynes workshop manual for Ectomobile

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